I was full. I'd waited forty years to know the commission: to write what His Spirit would teach me.  Then in 2010, the Lord directed me to write a book about the truth of His Word.  The more I wrote, the more He opened His words.  The Union presents God's plain Truth for believers, addressing controversies that have deceived and divided the Church since the fourth century.  But our Savior, the King of Israel, will return for a purified Bride. 

The Union was a full cup. With over 1,500 verses, Mysteries of the Ancient Word is its overflow.  This book unlocks previously sealed treasures, bringing mysteries to light to enhance  our perspectives on the ways we live and the times we live in.  From Passover to Melchizedek, exciting and deep revelations fill these pages.

"Mysteries" opens fresh insights, attributed to the only Teacher, the Holy Spirit.  This author understands what it's like to read the Bible and sense the stale boredom of words we think we already know.  However, when we believe God and not men, He discloses the truth to our hearts  and proves the Scriptures are not dull at all, but their words are alive and powerful, penetrating our hearts and renewing our minds. Discover the mysterious ways of God from ages past till now, unveiled in Mysteries of the Ancient Word.

As I was writing about the mysteries, I came across Daniel and my experience in the Spirit increased when I saw the same beasts in Revelation.   So Mysteries was re-edited when I extracted the prophecies to begin my third book, Unveiled!   I almost immediately perceived the order of Revelation, which I had never before understood.  The Holy Spirit opened these things to me, and I think I know why.  He has promised to give some of the hidden manna to him who overcomes, and through Him, I have overcome indeed!  Unveiled! will soon be available, Lord willing, at any bookstore or online.  



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