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UNVEILED! Ancient Secrets of Daniel & The Revelation of Jesus Christ

The empires of men rise as powers and principalities, the cosmic forces of evil that have fallen from heaven to earth. These kings were at war over the world as the prophetic beasts that lead the nations by unseen kings.  But the name above all others is King of kings and Lord of lords with this world subject to Him through His glorious ones. The battles rage until His Coming when He puts all things under His feet.

THE BASIC ORDER IS:  1.) Chapter 12   2.) Chapter 17   3.) Daniel 7   4.) Chapter 13   That's the book of Revelation in a clip, but to understand it fully, it must be UNVEILED!   Below is a brief preview to whet your spiritual and intellectual appetite for more. 

UNVEILED! will be available at Barnes & Noble and at as well as your local Christian store when the Lord is willing.  (I've learned to wait on the Lord.)  May the Lord Jesus Christ watch over you and keep you as you seek His Kingdom and His righteousness above everything else.  (Please scroll down) 

Former co-host of the internationally syndicated radio program, Man Alive, Joan Richardson is anointed for the church as a motivational speaker, evangelist, and writer at the end of the age.