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UNVEILED! PREVIEW includes KEYS from REVELATION Chapter 17 (menu above)

By the fear of the lord, we establish our faith..

God promised Abraham the land of Canaan for his descendants who would come through his wife Sarah as the children of the promised son Isaac.  Born by a miraculous birth through the promise of God, Isaac was a type of Messiah who would come as the promised Son of God.  How does this event in Abraham's life, which occurred thousands of years ago, relate to our faith in Jesus Christ today?

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Pulling down every stronghold!

UNVEILED! the Ancient Secrets of Daniel & Revelation

Four nations rose for war in the Mediterranean arena: three, each different from the others, united to defeat the terrible beast, which was altogether different from the beasts before it.  The outcome of their war was the victory of its victims!  Read about how all the pieces fit to perfectly form the picture of history.  

I was a blank slate, prayerfully waiting to learn.  I couldn't have anticipated what He would reveal. Discover the surprising details that have been UNVEILED!  Coming soon to bookstores and to online! 


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