The Union : Let's believe God's words only.

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Truth or Deception?

What Does the Word Say? ... Our First Love ... Seeking Jesus ... One Truth ... 

Many Interpretations ...    The Cunning Serpent ... One Teacher

Organized Confusion

The Witness ... Writings of the Apostles ... Love Suffers Long ... Heresies ... 

The Definitions ... Unspiritual Tailors

The Keys to Freedom

Saint Peter ... The Keys to the Kingdom ... A Second Blessing ... 

The Price of Purgatory ... Transubstantiation ... Relics of the Saints

The Ten Commandments

The Moral Commandments ... Three Kinds of Law ... Why the Law?

Where's the End Line?

Discerning the Word ... Our Jewish Roots ... The Engraving ... 

Our Redemption ... The Abundant Life

Abram, Messenger of Grace

Abram's Faith ... The Covering ... A Comparison ... Terrified! ... The True Circumcision ... 

Abraham's Faith Works ... Why Abram? ... What about Doubt?

The uniqueness of The Union lies in its goal of perfect unity among Jewish and gentile believers through the singular nature of Truth. To that end, revelations of deep, formerly hidden passages bring mysteries to light in this eye-opening Biblical exposition. Search and find hidden manna that brings us into the fullness of life in Christ. 

Discover how God's covenants clarify a single gospel to us all. Examine the Jewish roots of the Christian faith to appreciate the unity of the Scriptures, and let the Word of God lead us into The Union at last! The integrity of the Word advances through The Union to purify and prepare the elect. 

Today it is urgent that those who profess faith in the Savior receive the Word of God in preference to the words of men. With nearly three-thousand verses, "Repent and believe all the Scriptures!" is the charge of The Union to the churches in these extraordinary times. The Messiah will return for a blameless and spotless Bride, holy in faith and conduct. "Be prepared to meet Him!" is the resonant call of The Union. 

Former co-host of the internationally syndicated radio program, Man Alive, Joan Richardson is anointed for the church as a motivational speaker, evangelist, and writer at the end of the age. 

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